Welcome to HGreg LUX

  • From our humble beginnings as a used car lot to the high-end luxury powerhouse and the automotive group we are today, HGreg LUX has focused on one mission since its inception: quality service and customer satisfaction. It’s how we’ve been able to serve the needs of our customers for our nearly 20 years of business.

    Starting as a small used car lot in the diverse metropolis of Montreal, Canada in the early 2000s, HGrégoire quietly built a reputation in the city as a place for quality used car auto sales. It wasn’t long before we became the first dealership of our kind to open our 300-plus inventory mega dealership to the public. Being the first of its kind, this mega dealership allowed customers to view, up-close and personal, a wide variety of vehicles. To the benefit of our customers, seeing is believing. Having such a wide variety of vehicles not only opened HGrégoire to a larger customer base but allowed such a customer base to view many different types of vehicles under one roof.

    To further serve our customer’s needs, new car sales were also added to our burgeoning company. With dealerships like HGrégoire Nissan Vimont and HGrégoire Hyundai Vaudreuil offering new car sales in and around Montreal, sights were set on bigger horizons. Enter: HGreg USA

    2010 was a major year for HGrégoire. Business was booming and moves were being made. The sandy beaches and palm trees of Miami, Florida seemed like the perfect place to branch out into the U.S. market. Thus the first HGreg dealership was opened in Miami. The success of this new dealership unlocked a new benchmark for the company.

    Fast-forward to 2016. The ever-growing luxury vehicle market of the U.S. seemed like a bold but rational move for our brand. So, we opened HGreg Lux in south Florida, a high-end luxury dealership to which this blog is dedicated to.

    HGreg Lux is dedicated to making your buying experience a pleasant one. With 40% of our sales coming from online transactions, the future of buying a car will continue to become more convenient and easy. With our giant 300-plus vehicle inventory and knowledgeable sales staff, everything our customers would ever want is under one roof. If it’s not? Well, rest assured we will stop at nothing to make your dreams come true.

    Our weekly blog posts are surely something to keep on your radar. You can expect to hear information and news on everything from events, new and rare vehicles entering our showrooms, technology, and anything automotive-related!

    Welcome to HGreg Lux. Redefining the luxury car-buying experience.