2021 Pompano Beach Yuliet Parade

  • The 2021’s Yuliet Parade here in Pompano Beach had citizens of the city out in droves, enjoying the sights and festivities.

    Among those sights was HGreg Lux’s fleet of luxury cars graciously loaned out to the city for the parade.

    Cars like the BMW M6, Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, and a stunning Bentley Continental GT decked out in a brown-on-brown color scheme were among those driven by our staff for the aforementioned parade.

    But for the head honcho himself, our mayor Rex Hardin, a dove-like Rolls Royce Dawn fit the bill. Watching this gorgeous testament to engineering float down the road must have felt like watching the Titanic take off for its maiden voyage (although, way less tragic. Ours made it back unscathed). The stunning white on maroon color scheme was nothing less than a show stopper, fit to pamper anyone it cradles (you’re welcome, Mr. Mayor).

    To see any of these amazing machines in person, head on over to our giant showroom, located at 2500 W Sample Road. HGreg Lux is redefining the luxury car-buying experience. We’ve simplified the buying process in order to make your experience a pleasurable one. Whether you’re new to our showroom or have purchased a vehicle from us in the past, trust that HGreg Lux is dedicated to delivering 100% satisfaction from start to finish. HGreg Lux: Redefining the luxury car-buying experience.